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Project: daily Datsun 280z

I’ve been searching for a Datsun Z for a better part of my life, just loving every picture, but never taking the plunge. On October 27th, 2011 I picked up a 1977 Datsun 280z. All original, no mods, “old lady” driven, 81k miles. Driving back from the seller in San Mateo down highway 280 was a moment to remember – absolute love. Like noodles that throw you back to childhood, I was reminded of the fun my brother and I had with his Datsun 510. It was exhilarating!

Of course like any new love you want to impress, buy everything, and take it out everywhere – haha the 280z was no exception. So I jumped onto the web and journeyed to all the Datsun sites, but quickly found that there weren’t that many dedicated blogs to project Z’s that were detailed and consistent. So to sum it up quick: let’s do this thing! I’ll be adding my 280z restoration to this blog – and it won’t be a year between entries!

Upon driving back to work, beaming and proud, I pulled it into the garage to a co-worker’s kid jaw-dropped screaming, “whoa, dad, check out that car”! Let the fun, begin.

Visit the blog on dailydatsun.com


Windows Logon -> logs me right off!

So you type in your windows username and password, click ‘Ok’, and yer ready to work… except when your computer logs you in – it immediately logs you off. nice. Here’s a fix that’ll get you through the Login/Logoff problem that plagues a lot off people (usually caused by the adware/spyware/virus varieties).

Short of someone jokingly putting a logoff script in the ‘Startup’ folder, the problem is most likely with your registry pointing to the incorrect file for logging on the system – Userinit.exe.  Many malware programs love to change this registry entry to a different file so you can’t clean your system, and it can happily use your bandwidth for other things.
This solution takes some confidence, and hopefully i’ve made it simple enough for anyone to follow. Skill level: 5.

Symptom: You log into Windows, and just when it looks like logs you in, the system logs you off.

Cause: Windows Userinit registry entry is changed from its default value.

You can edit the registry without going into Windows with a great program called NT Offline. This can also be used to reset any of your user account passwords too! :]

1) Burn a CD of NT Offline (you should be able to if you’re reading this and have this issue…)
http://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/ > Bootdisk page > scroll down to ‘Download’
2) Boot off that CD, run through the prompts (the suggested options are noted after the prompted questions)
3) When you get the option of editing password, or other registry edit – select registry edit (option 9)
4) Similar to DOS you can navigate your way to the following location (ie ‘cd Microsoft’, remember its case sensitive):
\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
5) Type in ‘ed Userinit’ to edit the value of the Userinit key
6) NT Offline will spit out the current value of the key
7) Enter in the new value: C:\Windows\system32\userinit.exe
8 ) Enter ‘q’ to quit
9) NT Offline will ask you if you want to write the hive files, type ‘y’, enter
10) Reboot and pat yourself on the back

[Postal Service / Death Cab] + [Every Sweetener you know of] = Owl City

Scoped out an article w/ Taylor Swift, detailing what’s in her purse. One of a few things was Owl City’s Ocean Eyes. Huh. Let’s check it out – maybe my girl would like it.

Starter track spills it all – touch reminiscent touch, throwing whatever relationship quips it can throw at you till something sticks. Even the electro-stringed breakdown (Cave In, 2:22)! Yeah! Let’s get into this catchy, sweet-pop, blip-blip, woop-woop…. wait.. i’ve heard this stuff before… who just dumped sugar in my Coke? That’s not sugar.

It’s straight up Nutri-Saccharined Aspartame. Two lumps.

Like the cancer-related modern sweetener, most won’t know it’s in there (check that pack of gum in yer pocket). Ocean Eyes successfully masks most of the musical harm w/ yes you guessed it: frosting. But under the layers are way too many imprints of Postal Service’s famed album to ignore. Vocal style, melodic back and forths; synth blips; generous hand claps; and yes, even references to Seattle, Puget Sounds all just gave you that sugar rush in the first song. And I’ll give it to them – they’ve made a very palatable follow-up to what every dreamy-eyed Postal Service fan wanted: more.

There’s one thing Owl City couldn’t do though – with all its formulaic sheen, the album fails to create the environment. Postal Service had their fair share of musical phrasing turrets, but it’s lyrics were concrete and familiar enough to relate to. Ocean Eyes has too many random thoughts / verbal movement that visualization comes and goes like the sugar high letdown which this articles make it’s starting analogy.

There’s a reason why a sugar rush comes and goes. There’s a reason why carbs stay. You can’t lay off the Wonder Bread cause it’s genuine, tried and true. You’ll never forget it, and everything else will just be imitators.